Oh love. Are you ready to show up as a totally different person and to step confidently into a new role where a move suddenly takes you out of stuck and into the attention of many people? Good cuz it's on the rise! You are going to feel a real big shift where suddenly new sides of you are presenting. You may be letting go of some fear around how you had to be or how you were expected to show up. Things deep inside of you, but that really represent how WE see you, are transforming into a brighter and more aligned authentic vibe. You will not be able to escape wanting to show yourself new and to even return to an old time and be like that again with the wisdom you now possess. You may see pictures of yourself or something that gets you wanting to go back and be that version, but better.

This is to get you really digging into your habits and the ways you sabotage your future because you think you are here to fail or fight your way through opposition. ACTUALLY, it's time for you to totally release something, change how we see you and open to there being a solution on how to move your truth forward. The guidance says that all you got to do is be what the world needs to see – and to not talk like you don’t have a place and are here to suffer. Rather, to surrender to the challenges KNOWING this is making you more powerful for the world. You got to walk the talk in order to truly impact things long-term. The superficial is like a snort of a drug and it's not your thing. You may see others pass you now, but you will pass them later. But no matter. Just do the jobs correctly and stay positive about what needs to be brought into peace so that it can set you free.

Something that held you around the home or with some idea you have around stability and security and money is about to shift! And it only comes from you already wanting to show yourself more authentic and to change everything right now if it doesn’t feel like a good fit – to risk it all and let it all go if it doesn’t honor the ways you are here to be the best. People are jealous and competitive, and MANY are not happy at your good news. Is this good for you? Is it okay to stay in lands where the water has run dry and now things will be barren and harder on you? See that you can show up as the chosen one where you look out and expect solutions to come to whatever ways you want to be.  Not to think you have to hold back or fit in or that you need to brace for rejection and defeat. No. It's time to show us you believing in your authority with your career and trusting the process of getting it from here to there. 

This is saying that others are coming in to support you in ways that hold you, but you first got to ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!