ARIES #135


Let this be the new moon that really shifts you! Things have clicked into position where you are to stumble upon situations that get you feeling a bit insecure with seeing how you could generate money and support yourself from what you love to do. You may feel REAL awkward and with feelings that are stronger than you are used to. This is to be a special moment when something slams so hard into you that you are knocked awake about your value and the efforts you need to commit to in order to transform your work environment so that it expands and rebuilds the potential out in the world.

There is MUCH to this energy that is like dominoes and how all these elements are needed so that YOU can see your value in a new light that is not about fitting into the world and looking at what they need first. This plunge into darkness or into a sudden tunnel that appears is merely to wash off all the gunk that covers your eyes and influences your moves with what you are here to contribute to the world. The OTHER has dominated you more than you know, and this time is just to get you waking up and acting like a child with things. That means getting emotional when you feel it, and crabby when you aren’t warmed up yet, but also with better boundaries, and not only walls, for those who go against what you believe.

This time is when you will touch into your heart more than ever before and when you really think about what you would love to do with your life – but from a clearer vision about what and where your place could be. If you come from scarcity, everything is harder because you have to worry about the world at large and your own stability. The WAYS of scarcity are to be danced by you in a new way where you aren’t following the actions of others and manifesting limited situations because they are not here to go in the ways of you. See how your moves are to be of the artist and where you really go within to listen where your heart does want to sing.

You may feel like adulting is so hard right now, but it also is to show you that here too needs a new way. Your energy is creating a new canvas for you to design without the others hovering over you. You will need to go deep with this energy because what changes you is not superficial. It's going to be where outside forces pile on punches that get you finally standing up in your truth – which is going to create a unique shift in your life. Do what you can to stay in creative projects even if they are not supporting just yet. You may have been watering them with old world water and that is like microwave water which kills plants. So allow things to shock you in saying you must slow down because it's just that you need to correct what was built in the fear of NOT having a place and needing to mimic or watch others to be ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!