Oh love! This energy is going to be eventful in that things are going to be very active in the lives of others, and it will be on you to see how that affects you to the point you may feel like you don’t have value or will be insecure BECAUSE of what they see. At this time, you are to approach things that cause you to fear and to go into frazzled mental states with a whole new way of processing them -- where you now trust that whatever arriveth is what you need to deal with. When you can surrender and talk like there is another side and there is a way to bring healing, then the other side presents and whatever happens in between just happens. But to be with a glass half full mental space is always going to get you to the better place. It just does.

Think about how much you are going to change as others upgrade and change – because who you are and how you protect or defend was created by the old world where everyone was told to keep everything under wraps and just wear a superficial front. So that they were all hiding things, and you who sense things and then create a world around that, have been basically processing too much that doesn’t need you wrapped up in it! You got conned into stabilizing the imbalance of something fronting as the dominant way. And now you are being offered a brand new playground or crop of land with which to create something that would really make you happy and that deals with stability and your creative gifts.

Something is to spread from you investing in a dream and seeing that you can have a way that is not like what others are doing. You also are to learn to handle money and debt in a new way – and where you are tuning into this playful way to go about it where you aren’t following how you saw your parents deal or the media and those around you. You are to stand solid and give your things more voice and stronger opinions because you are the one leading this new crop of yours. You get to decide what is planted to be eaten later. Don’t just hide your truth because others feel stronger.

ALSO – there is a real good chance that you will get real insecure about how you ran things in your past where you weren’t as awake and aware as you are now. You can look back at how you would never do it again that way and it can bum you out that you did it in the first place.

This is part of the lesson with these energies in getting you to let this go and do better. It is all we have. We do things from our wounded ego, and we fall, and we feel shamed later for what we did. But then, we decide to wake up more to this moment and to the potential in life and then we do things that bring value and attention to how WE CAN grow flowers in our garden, if we want to. We can spend  ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!