Things are about to get so good, and I know you feel it. To begin, let’s talk about the love or the creative project you are working on. There is a wave that is on the rise, and it is bringing you the solutions and connections that will get your heart LIT. This is to get you seeing that timing is playing a perfect role in getting you to higher positions up the ladder. But YOU are the one who is being asked to shift your perspective on what things could mean so that you can get yourself out of stuck patterns where you ARENT REALLY opening to the life of the artist and to things that ARE your gifts to bring. This energy will be like a vacuum clearing out old pathways where you DON’T see yourself having a home and being seen for what you feel would make you happy and where you feel important for this thing.

Be open to starting this month with a lot to clear up and clean out but also know that you are to face things head on and move around the anxiety that triggers you into fight, flight or freeze, and step into challenges that ARE working to bring more light into your life. Trust that this time wants you facing all the boulders in your path and starting to operate in a way that works to bring understandings or healing to things. 

ALSO be aware that you are in a SUPER HUGE mirror session where others are tangling you in what you have tangled others in too. You may feel frustrated at the timing of things and how they are holding you back -- but see that this manifested to show you how YOU NEED TO CHANGE. What is here for you is a reflection for you to see. You are standing in front of the x-ray machine and all that you thought could stay hidden, because you think you have buried it far enough deep, is what now will come to your awareness. BE OKAY with this and stay present in the moment knowing that you will get through it. Don’t let any miscommunication or delay in gratification get you down. It serves a big purpose in repositioning you through clearing the density that IS holding you back – that IS a part of your past that needs to be transmuted into light. Just how karma doesn’t even affect us until we are 28, things DO come back, and like adding trash to the trash can, even though it may feel empty at one point, it does fill up and end up overflowing UNLESS you deal with it.

See that life is wanting you to deal so that your true shine can reach OUR EYES. You also will be facing money issues and here is where you need to clear your space of other people’s ideas on how to sustain yourself and grow a crop as an artist.  Let go of mental ideas that there is not enough to go around or that you will have to fight for what you ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!