FAQ moon vibe guide

Why can I not see the readings?  The readings are only for members or those who purchase the one-off Moon Vibe Guide. Get the guide and you will see the extended readings and daily readings for 2 weeks!
I'm a member but can't see the pages. Step one, LOG IN! The website opens pages when it recognizes you! If you still can't read them, REACH OUT and we will check it out! 
What do I get with membership? For $13 a month you get two Moon Vibe Guides, one on the New Moon and the other on the Full Moon. It includes extended readings for each sign, a podcast on the energies, daily readings for 2 weeks in advance and a weekly email with the readings for the week ahead. Enjoy the guide online or in a pdf.
Are the daily readings only for Aquarius? NO! The readings are for all signs. 
Is it normal to be a day or 2 off with the daily readings? YES! The energies hit us all within 3 days! Its a great reason to have the guide because if you are ahead of the curve, or living in Australia, you won't miss the readings and wish you had read them earlier!