GEMINI member #135


This energy is going to feel like your birthday because you will finally see a new way to share your creative gifts and to get your messages out there so that you feel seen and not like you don’t have a home. Expect to see pieces come together and synchronicity take place where you will get to see that things DO work out and leaps of faith CAN be the best thing ever that gets you to write a new story about what potentially can be. This time is to surprise you with things that deal with going back home or going back to rebuild something that had a big impact on you and was a contract or binding situation with another. You are going to be speaking your mind and putting your heart on your sleeve so that you can have your needs met.

This time is special because the energies are getting you to puff your power up stronger where you don’t let anyone intimidate you or get you to flow in their direction of choice so that they don’t have to be ruffled by your moves. Don’t cave at this time and really try hard to use your voice to express how you feel about things so that you feel seen. Move forward in ways that you start over with expressing your feelings when they are happening and really stopping things when you don’t feel right. You are to not try to collaborate and get along, but instead be strong with how your heart is wanting to speak. We can get dominated by others who want us quiet and the real you has something that needs to reach the light, and it starts in some creative space right now. So don’t let others put fear and toxins into what can be. ACTUALLY, you are to be making changes and will be thinking about land or home or something that grounds you. And it needs your opinion in the creative process.

Just know that you need to be EXTRA about what you are feeling is the best way to bring about solutions on how to eventually move out there far and wide. The new story on what could be is forming and it comes from all the ways you are looking differently about your place in the world. There will be a surprise that comes when you are out in the retreat and going slow with things. Going slow or with no agendas is key because this is where inspiration is to hit you on creative ideas and how to market or promote or teach your things. Understand that your pathways were clogged from you creating an outer world that was based on what you thought would make you happy and what others expect you to be. But inside of you there is a story about being really happy with what you do and living something that changes often and is loose. 

So, know you need to go with the flow, but to also release your fear on needing to know what that is. ACTUALLY, this energy not only is about change but it's about taking a risk of your creative heart and also going out on a cliff and believing in yourself. So, you are to be in a new space that is forming from you digesting the outer world in new ways. Their needs are not your needs and there is something out in the world that needs you wandering with it as you discover ways to share and teach and sing your thing. Don’t look to what has been done because this is keeping you in a box of expectations that aren’t going to be met in a stable way. There are new boundaries you need to drop that aren’t about building a wall and cutting others out. You are starting over in new ways of living your life where you rise higher with the details or clashes of going where you want to be, but not where you have to fight for things or be glass half full as if bad things are intended. Often we have rips in our tapestry and people fall in them because we are to heal our way through them so that they are not triggers for us. To put up walls means we will have to put up many more. To cut others out when we feel hurt means we will be hurt many more times repeating the lesson of learning to do boundaries instead of walls. Boundaries speak with a clear voice about warning signs, and THIS is not okay with me. To draw the boundaries is never done in resentment. The boundary is the first sign of a healthy mind that is able to be clear when they are sensitive or don’t like something. A wall comes from built up resentment of the other person not knowing the warning strip is there. And to build up frustration is to create mental reasons to want to get rid of the other. But often we think we are just drawing boundaries, when boundaries are done with neutral feelings; walls with resentment and anger and cocky feelings of authority in “drawing those boundaries”.

You are to be clear with your voice, but you are to seek for positive outcomes and YOU being the bridge to you getting your needs met. If you only lived in a small town your whole life, that is all you would see as the potential to be. This time wants you moving about and seeing where you feel held or what sort of things you really do need, like, water around you. The work you are doing is getting you ready to start the rebooting and healing process. Right now, you are to see how you can let go of all expectations and just BE. There IS a new path for you, and it will be using your souls purpose gifts in ways that get you excited about the movement of the change all around you. Be fluid with all the creativity pouring out of you. Things aren’t totally connected yet, but there is something to what you plant right now. This is when you are to go back in time in your mind and write the story you wish you would have walked with the hindsight as the current sight. See that there will be a return and that love is in store for you. But in new ways you have never seen before. Open to a miracle that will move you hardcore.