LIBRA #135


Happy New Moon! This time is going to ask you to reach out again to friends and people who have gotten lost in shuffling of your past, but who now are here to bring a healing message. You are going to connect in ways that get you waking to your power and seeing that you DO have a place. Something that connects is to get you out there with your things and to get you really choosing for a path that sustains and supports your authentic creative gifts that can help others and that helps bring an upgrade to things. 

You are going to be pulled into private spaces within that deal with your value system and how YOU see yourself serving a purpose. Insecurities are to be faced as if they are doorways to where you do go deeper with things and ground in the flavor of authenticity. You NEED the fragile spots, and at this time, they ARE the doorway. So, you got to be like, aww shucks, but then to move full speed ahead towards bringing voice to your heart and to what you are really here to do in life. You are the one who holds the spotlight, but another person helps turn on the light. 

And it comes from something uncomfortable that deals with you feeling like you DON’T have a place in doing something that you love to do. It is just that you are to be looking again into your heart with things that return, where you do now open to a new way of bringing the love back again. You will be facing hard truths about how you strike out, and if it comes from insecurity, you will see that it is something else and not the person or group that triggers you. It is something buried deep inside of you where you need another person to affirm your value. So, you must first stop projecting that others don’t see you clearly, and instead see that you are only to be seen by those who are here to celebrate what you bring. You are to see that discord is okay and there are ways to say what you need to say with grace.

This energy asks you to stand up and speak louder, but to not dominate or work in ways that bring division and light to your wounded ways. You don’t have to be anything but love, and if it doesn’t fit, let it be a piece of clothing on a hanger you swipe to the right because it's not your type. Just see how you don’t have to see these things as negative. To not fit, is just to not fit. It doesn’t need your negative interpretation or confusion that gets you thinking something is wrong when it really is just in some space that is not in harmony with where you are to be going in your future. This is to be a change where something positions you to see your view out in the world in a whole other way where you DO have a place and you can have love again and a return  ...



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