Plant crystals and write affirmations from:


November 4, 2021 3:14pm Mountain Time


November 6, 3:14pm Mountain Time





Wait until next month! This means you still need to sit with your crystals before they go into the ground to start supporting you.


The gateway is only open for 48 hours! ONLY plant crystals and write intentions at this time!








Read your SUN, MOON & RISING Signs and blend a story of what you wish to plant at this time.



Oh love! This time is when you are going deep and will be more willing to look at what you need to see that is keeping you from valuing YOURSELF. You may be facing old fears and ways you are psychologically changed from trauma and the way the old world operates. Wish for quick resolutions and weight to be lifted from the new life you are ready to live. Expect to comprehend things at this time and to see that you grow wildly because of it. Wish for returns and corrections that make the past a thing no longer affecting your future. Wish for transformation.



Oh baby! This is good! This is to bring in a new space where you are showing up in a better version and are changed in our eyes because of something you are sharing with passion. You are going to feel ignited to get into some new role and to see it be what supports you in new ways. Wish for things that change the way you look or that help you to feel more comfortable in your body. Wish for the insight into how to be more upfront and visible in your career so as to make more of a difference. Wish for ways to step up into a higher role.



Okay then! This energy is when you are going to feel like you are finally getting back into position. It will be when you are inspired and feeling creative. You will see that you CAN trust life and that the cave spaces don’t last forever. It will be when you turn some corner in the healing journey and this will have you wanting to get busy and to work on expansion ideas. You will be focused on learning new things and seeing that opportunities are here like magic appearing when you were just thinking you were lost. Wish for things to fall into place and for them to bring power to what you want to share with the world.



Oh sweetie! This is to be a time where you really get it and see that loving what you do is creating a world that loves on you. But it begins with you making yourself a priority and allowing that to be okay. This will usher in support from the world that shows they DO value you and that they DO love your creative gifts. Focus on seeing that there is a place for what you do and that a new level of community is showing up to support you. Wish for a new mindset where you truly believe in abundance -- and wish for a new love or new thing to bring joy into your life.



Okay baby! This is when you get to reboot and really go for something that feels like it will hold you in all the right ways! You will be focused on all the main areas of your life and with how your role is changing -- and how this will have you showing up in some upgraded form. This may have you feeling sensitive and alert to ways you need to apply discipline with what is going on around you. Wish for things to complete you and to fill you up in all the best ways. See that something is finally shifting and now you get to dream for a do over where you are supported and valued.



Oh love! Things are going to change on you, and they are to get you seeing that you ARE valuable to the world with what is your creative thing to bring. You are to see that you can trust the flows of life and that surprises arrive when you least expect it. Something is to magnify your soul’s purpose gifts and bring power to what you do or how you want to make a difference. Wish for things that deal with your writing projects or creative ideas and how to share them far and wide. Wish for ideas to come for ways to work on your website or presentations, and to get the flow turned back on.



Okay baby! This one is deep on you and it's about getting you to go next level on your healing journey where you are learning to value yourself more. This means others provoke or inspire, but they are here to get you going deeper into self-love and into growing a better crop to sustain new ideas that bring more joy into your life. Make wishes that deal with you letting go of the past and seeing that the most amazing things will come true. Focus on what would really make you happy and grow those plants now. You get to grow better things. Wish for things that value you.



Oh love! It is time to see that there is a new road to travel, and this changes the role you thought you would be holding. This deals with your ground shaking and new feelings rising that are to get you growing in a brand new way. You may be moving or will change the flow of your foundation. This is when you are to wish that you DO get it your way and that it is time to assert. Things will come in to complement you and help you see that you are safe and secure here. Wish for things going your way and for a solid foundation that births a new role out of you.



Okay then! This one is big for you and it's about you feeling it all so that you can make better decisions about this next year. Focus on seeing the pieces come together and things growing into something better. Don’t get negative into the imbalance with health or your work scene. Surrender and open to the mystery guiding you towards more action and feeling more like yourself. Wish for ways you want to be valued for your work and want to do more to show up with your creativity or as a messenger for some cause. Wish for change that brings calmness to your mind as you design something better.  





Oh wow! This is a good one for you! Focus fully into seeing beyond what you have achieved before – but see yourself also getting a second chance. See that a return arrives where now you have passion to walk the journey better. Money matters are to shift greatly and something that sustains is to show signs of life. Focus wishes around seeing that you do have a home in the world with your creative gifts and with what makes you happy. See that there IS something beyond and that now the full circle point arrives. Make wishes that are about ultimate dreams coming true.



Oh love! This is when the stuck aspects of your life are to break free, and you are going to see the world treat you different as something about you looks different in their eyes. Focus fully into your career and into seeing a new role come together. Be larger than life and show yourself doing your thing. 100% you get to start over now and you are being shown which way to go. Tune into your body and follow the yellow brick road. Wish for changes that position you as a top dog doing work that makes a difference in the world. Wish to be seen and to make an impact.



Yes baby. This is a GREAT new moon for you. So be ready by focusing on how you want to grow your life and be living more of your soul’s purpose. It's time to focus on your website, writing projects, things that are YOUR THING, and things that require you to trust in them that aren’t showing signs of growth just yet. You are to be taking some leap of faith that gets you to a new view in life. This puts tons of focus on your career and on showcasing your authority so that others can find you. Wish for change that elevates you and gets you into our attention.


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