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10 SEPTEMBER 2021:

Loves! Every year this time I'm in the Full Moon that I was born under and my moon is in the 8th house. So it ALWAYS sends me off track and into some sort of healing or next level space.

And I got behind on the Full Moon in Virgo readings so I'm going to opt out and say, hey, I'll get the New Moon in Pisces readings to you next week, which is a week early, and will include the FM in Virgo part of the reading!

Thank you for understanding! I think I say this every year :) Sorry!! I'll make it up! And I have my new assistant Charlie stepping into position to take all my other jobs off my lap! So we are training this week and I'd rather have the time to spend getting him into position so I can fly free again with only readings and teachings and videos and fun things!!

The Full Moon hitting my 8th house told me its time to let burdens go. And computer things and all the details of it is frying my brain at this point and leaving me twitching. So I MUST let jobs go!



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