PISCES member #135


And just like that, you will be letting go of aspects of yourself that were programmed, where you were told you had to stay behind the lines and not believe what your intuition is telling you. This energy will create one of the biggest shifts you have felt, where you WILL come out of the shadows and finally feel like you have the energy and things ARE getting done. You have been in spaces where you weren’t able to leap as far as you wanted to -- and were about to start judging how life felt to be forcing you to face your shadow, and see how you ACTUALLY DID NOT get it right and DO need to go back and correct something. From having to look at where you were still learning to process your emotions and express how you were feeling, from a solid sense of value, where you DO have a right, is where you now are to start feeling like you are growing up and things are not as bad as they seemed.

But it was from the low journey of facing what you wanted to keep hidden that gives you the steam to let this go and now expand with the wisdom you walked. You are to focus on working with lists and plans that deal with your expansion and how you will get your creative gifts out there far and wide and in the possession of people who ALREADY WANT what you are. The Pisces has to live a life OFTEN in the shadow, or in bed with pain, or in mental confusion around curiosity with what “this” could mean. You also ARE to take MANY, MANY steps that turn out to be the “wrong” step.

This is because your life journey also is to forgive yourself when you do things or show yourself in ways where you don’t really value who you are. If you don’t self love, it's hard to hear your inner voice that IS telling you which way to go. You have been learning that the retreat is not a negative thing and feeling off is not something you need to look at as glass half empty and as if you have missed the boat and won't have chances again. To not know, when you REALLY thought you were onto something, and to not see it produce just yet, is like the gardener who waits for the seeds to sprout. You DON’T KNOW but you DO GOT to go with the flow on whatever medicine you feel called to put into place.

This time wants you paying attention to all these steps right here but doing them different where you aren’t coming from scarcity and staying focused and fixed into seeing that you don’t have a place and you aren’t special enough to be someone who has big success and acclaim for your creativity or projects or books or THINGS that you do that ARE unique – and that DID require you put your heart and soul into them. If you only go superficial with offerings, they won't fly high. It is always that you are being asked to put more of YOU and more of what makes you so special to the people that love you.

This time may have you thinking about who frazzles you and who empowers you. By nature, you will go to what is broken and try to mend it into better shape. But this means you leave yourself open to things that then can crack you and leave you vulnerable. You are to pull your boundaries in and choose for things that have room to grow. Enough of hiding in the shadows or talking negative about the chaos in your life. You are to make an EPIC SHIFT where you step away from the victim mentality and finally step into the discipline of things in your day to day that DO affirm that you can trust your intuition and not just follow what others define as the way.

This is when you are to put the pedal to the metal with jobs that require you stick with them as you birth another idea into place. This is when you will be starting new disciplines that have a goal that is beyond the way. Dig deep into things that assist the reach of your soul’s purpose work, like your websites or the design of some creative project that may still be an idea waiting to find it's following. You ARE to be thinking about your role and also joining with others to do more than you can do on your own. 

This energy wants you shining YOUR truth and really stepping forward with a creative art – but also knowing that you are to join and collaborate in order to help bring things into balance. It is when you are with others shining your brilliant ways and being seen for them that you will hum in harmony with others or with groups that help you rebuild a dream that got dominated in some way by the old world or even YOU seeing that you don’t have a place. Your mental space needs 100% of your attention and also a natural steering to the farthest point and to where understanding will take place. More than ever, you are to surrender into these moments knowing that your moves are aligning you effortlessly to seeing that you CAN TRUST the journey and you can trust the signs you get about things.

Do expect that you may be viewing a tangle you had with someone in your past and part of you regrets how you responded or viewed something, but this was to be an uncomfortable standing up for yourself that IS what you were being tested to do. First impressions can be full of illusion. And when things start to crack, we need to trust that in the long run, something was not a match. This time will present opportunities for you to potentially see yourself as wrong or see fault in your ways. 

But the lesson will be to show you that you don’t need to know why your body speaks so strongly over certain things, but you DO need to trust that smoke and mirrors are a reality, and if you feel NO, it is 100% time to go – but go with grace. You are only to seek what is yes and valuing and honoring of your creative ways SO THAT you continue to ripple forth some project or idea or creative gift thing that NEEDS YOU doing the work to get into positions that are yet for you to see. You will go up, and now it's time to see what work is required of you in order to go these next levels. Expect to go back and bring peace where before you just ghosted or escaped. Stay in this moment and trust that support and a solution is there. You just need to put these things into better position where YOU are a priority. This will give you a better view in the future. Build like you will live here forever. Don’t cut corners with what your heart feels it needs to be seen.