Oh, I like this energy! You are going to see things moving around quickly and a new sense of energy will rise. This deals with changes with your day to day or with your work scene and with things that are changing your position so that things you have worked on or dreamed about can finally get some light. You are to be out and about and if travels are on the table, you will have so many opportunities to come back home inspired and ready to take leaps of faith that you wouldn’t have considered before. There is a new you rising and you are going to love this. 

But first. This energy grows from things you are doing where you are changing limited beliefs around what you can do to support yourself and what it takes to manifest something great out in the world. There are ways your roots have grown stunted, or you aren’t really allowing yourself to expand because you have these thoughts that are fragmented and about shame, blame and guilt for how you think you are not supported or getting something right. Because this energy is still manifesting, it's easy for you to get in the brain and mash the future to pieces. But the point is that you don’t need to seek out the tons of reasons you may NOT win with this leap of faith and NOT get to the life of your dreams. But why not rebuild your own feelings of self-worth and listen to your body no matter what you see or what you have been programmed to believe. You are to free fall into some sort of opportunity to do your art and to see that it will support you – that you can believe in these things you have always loved to do. You also are going up levels so you may get some opportunity to apprentice or to somehow learn from another that inspires you to go deeper into some rabbit hole into something that will bring a renewed passion.

Do know that you are not going to know where this risk of the heart will take you, but it is to get you out there in a new space where you then get inspired to grow in other really wonderful ways. For now, you need to watch your mind and talk like a superhero who is just coming out of a big battle and is now about to shift into a whole other space. BIG SHIFTS are coming and the ae to get you in touch with wanting to walk the journey and to get better at things you love to do. You may even notice that you aren’t so interested in the same things as now you are focused on the expansion of what could not move before. When you get the inspiration, you see that all the stuck moments had to be in order to build up a ladder for you to climb up into the next level. You will be surprised and will get ah-aha moments where there will be clarity on things. This is to be what inspires a new creativity in you where you ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!