This time is going to be all about recognizing the power of your punch in how you limit or expand within the spaces of if you think or do not think you have a home in the world. Things are changing you with this new moon where you are going to want to really bring attention to what you love to do and to find the ways to create the solutions for cracks in your foundation that are showing to let you know something needs to be rebuilt and not ignored because it agitates. Things are going to be showing up where it is all about making sure you don’t have the toxic things in your soil that WILL eventually cause you problems. So be grateful for what you are seeing because this is other people’s things and programming and ways that they are dysfunctional and did not hold you appropriately. You were dropped but you don’t need to then drop others. Something with the old patterns around stability and security are seeded with power trip fragments that are sort of protecting what is most beautiful about you. 

Things that are attacked are the things that have power. It always has been this way where jealousy and envy try to destroy things that are authentic and beautiful and wonderful. For most people, if they don’t have it, they don’t want you having it. And they only want you having it if they have it first. But even then, they may not want to share and will still want you chasing after what won't work because they want exclusivity. You really can't count on what you see from others, but you can count on how it makes you feel and what sort of ways of speaking it draws out of you. 

This time is finding the ways you have boundaries up that keep you from attracting people who really bring out your best and who get you to shine even brighter. From your foundation and the wounds from early years, you expect the world to greet you a specific way. It's time to let go of some ways that crush your light and get you talking negative to the point you DO find it hard to find space out in the world with what is your innate gifts. Your soil is so influential, it won't even grow anymore if you keep growing the fears of others and how they tell you we are not okay. It will not behoove you to be around those who make you feel insecure with how the world will hold you. And it is only because you have this memory that you can attract others who do. 

So, realize this is a gateway opening SHOWING YOU who is your family and who is your foe. But realize, this also speaks of a return and going back. So it will be that there has been a change of heart, or something reverses because now another view has been seen. With this energy put focus on working towards creating balance with groups or friends or ways you want to make a difference. Big changes will be coming with your career as new ...



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