Okay then! Let’s talk about how bigtime your life is about to upgrade! This is an epic sort of wave that has many elements that are about to change. You are going through a do-over in how you speak about your needs and with what your body is actually telling you.  This is where something is going to grow that gets you wanting to come out of your comfort zone and really decide for love or for something that you love to do. 

Expect an out of the blue situation that gets you needing to stand up different about how you feel. You will be SHOCKED at how you respond or how you deal with something, and this is part of what is growing inside of you that is like a sprout coming out of a seed.  You are to go deep and discover new aspects of yourself that are going to get you wanting to step into a new role and one where you are showing up with authority. But not just because you are good at this! You are looking for situations that light up your heart and not only your mind at the possibility of things. 

The reason you will have sudden lightning bolt changing situations is because you need to be woke up to your power and to your influence in making a difference in what we see in the world. You are a game player here to support and bring deep solutions. Something about a fear that was planted in you, that deals with the old-world ways, is what now needs to be blown open where you come back from the dead and start over in some phoenix way where NOW you are going to be so utterly present to the opportunities at hand and to what you really want to do with your life now. This feels like falling in love with something again and then having the wisdom from walking something that did not turn out as you planned or that has turned some cycle like fresh leaves to dried leaves. Abundant waters is where you are going to be called and there will be rainbows and lush feels to greet you.

Do be aware that you are going to be taking a risk of the heart and you will not actually know that you can trust what you feel. This is written in your journey because you are to start over and see that you can begin again no matter what your age or history. This energy just needs you greeting life like a child where you are in awe of what is around you. And if you are not in these pleasant things, you STILL need to be like a child and cry about it. You need to emote and express and be clear as day when you don’t feel good in any collaboration or sharing of space. This energy wants your voice stronger and where you break through things that are stuck – as you assert yourself in a new way where you aren’t just following along as you were programmed to be.

You may be working on a creative project where you will now go back to how you ...



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