VIRGO #135


Okay love. Have patience with this new moon because it is working to get you into uncomfortable or limbo states so that you can face what is not in alignment with your long term plans. Things happening at this time are to pull you into memories and stories and situations with regret, shame and blame. It can feel heavy to process your emotions and to feel okay with what you are seeing. But do know this time is to show you the past year and even deeper into why things were the way they were. It can feel like you are looking into a dark well and are starting to wonder if you can trust the great mystery. JUST KNOW, you are in the lands of change, and it deals with you suddenly moving into some new space where you will be able to grow an idea and work to get things out there far and wide.

ACTUALLY, you are being primed right now and it really deals with cleaning up your judgmental mind and where you hold pain around your love nature or being seen for your creativity, and how things have not turned out like you planned. You will be thinking A LOT with things that let you down or haven’t seen you in the ways you need. Be like a detective and just observe and learn as you flow with what rises. In just a bit something will come very much out of the blue that is like inspiration with how to do your souls purpose work or a creative project that was stuck in moving forward. Things WERE to slow down so you can go back and discover something that you don’t know yet. 

This time IS mysterious and it's where you are to just let go and trust that things will work out. But at the same time, you are to be in this space not full of negative ideas on how wrong things can go, but in a space of knowing you are just waiting for the seed to sprout that gives you the inspiration on what next move to make. Don’t see that your life has been a mistake. This time is showing you so much so that you can see it all in a higher light. Something will connect to show you that your moves weren’t wrong moves, but complicated journeys that needed to be taken in order to get you into this higher vibing position.

Sit with old dreams and release your fear in thinking you don’t have a place with your work. Something about feeling like a fraud or not ready for things is where you need to now see that a solution WILL rise. We are met at every step of our journey of learning to walk our authority. We get opportunities to learn and apprentice and come together to be inspired on new paths we will take. I had NO IDEA I would be a crystal lover like I am now. But one day I just finally opened to their energy – and our relationship changed, my life changed, and my career is now changing. You are waiting for that one day when things are to become clear. And you just need to learn to wait in a better way where you aren’t beating yourself up or forgetting that your role is to be ...



  • includes the readings up to August 21.
  • moon mapping wheel for August.
  • and new teaching pages on how to use the moon mapping wheel!
  • the guide will keep you aligned and supported in these wild times!