Plant crystals and write affirmations from: October 6, 2021 5:06 am Mountain Time TO October 8, 5:06 am Mountain Time WED, THURS, FRI


Wait until next month! This means you still need to sit with your crystals before they go into the ground to start supporting you. The gateway is only open for 48 hours! ONLY plant crystals and write intentions at this time!


Read your SUN, MOON & RISING Signs and blend a story of what you wish to plant at this time.


Focus into finally asserting in the ways of your dreams. Expect to step into a new role and to want to change how others think of you. Focus on showing your truth and not compromising because you stay confused in wondering what others want from you. Rise stronger with ideas you have for creative gifts and talk as if you are healed and have learned the lessons. Pay attention to your words and be stronger in how you process what hasn’t yet occurred. Focus on seeing where you want to go and surrender to the shift that gets you there.


Focus on creating a big change in your work environment where you are letting go of doing it all -- and instead are focusing on what you are best at. Expect to need to take a leap of faith and to trust that things will work out. Focus on applying more discipline to your life so that you feel like you have more time for self-care and doing things you love to do. Start the programs and new ways of being. Your energy is ready for change that helps you to feel more comfortable in your body. Do something that keeps your body busy and bringing in more beauty. Things fall into place, with grace, if you are there to move them.


Make decisions that deal with you really going for your dreams. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk of the heart because it feels SO right. Face where you may want to hide and not go for your dreams -- and focus on ways of going beyond where you have been before. Do what you can to work on your website or ways that you see yourself having a place in the world. Assert into areas that expand your view or elevate your position. Plan for a new baby or new project or new way of expressing your art. See that NOW you move forward and get to design outside the lines.


Focus on cleaning up your home and bringing in new elements of beauty. The ways you focus on starting over with how you care for yourself and what holds you, will open space for your career to blossom into a new path where your role is changing. You will create the space from giving attention to your home. So, look around and feel what needs you deciding if it adds to your quality of living. Make decisions that deal with a start over and where YOU finally now decide for how things will go. Know that it is not too late – make a new bundle of joy.


Focus on growing a better life from the projects and ideas coming to you now. This is when you are to be coming together with others who inspire you to dream for more. Work on your website or book or creative things that tell stories and bring beauty to others’ lives. See that the solutions will come that get you seeing eye to eye with others. Rise stronger in seeing that solutions will come even if you don’t see how things can be done. Shoot for your expansion goals and allow the opportunities to then connect you. Rise stronger in remembering there IS MORE. Talk with confidence that you will succeed lofty goals.


Focus on big time healing where you completely change a life pattern. Focus on starting a new crop and getting to the other side in regard to valuing yourself and your creative gifts. You are to be facing life in new ways where you talk kinder around where you see yourself going. When you value yourself, timing doesn’t matter, and the slower the better. Fast comes from insecurities and not really feeling solid with value. Slow down and do things high vibe style. Invest in yourself and transform scarcity mindset into royalty mindset. EXPECT that your crops will grow wildly.


Assert into a new role where others will see you in different ways. This is to be a big life changing time where you finally go to the other side and decide to go for something. Be more assertive with your decisions and don’t waffle in fears of what could be. Rebuild what holds you and put attention to grounding in a new plan of support. Talk in more positive ways around your plans for growth. Do something that shoots the arrow out and brings understanding to what you want us to know about what you love to do. Know that solutions are coming around romance and with partnerships. Be strong in your truth and show us something new.


Focus on diving deep and facing things that have been kept hidden. Focus on coming out of the shadows and making a decision that deals with forgiveness or compassion. Value the healing journey and spend more down time with self-care and time out in nature. This time is for DREAMING and being held back from moving forward just yet. Value the space of quiet and discipline and limiting outside stimulation. You are forming a new life that will begin to unfold in about a month. Analyze where you have been and make loud declarations for what you next want to accomplish.


It’s time to put your heart on your sleeve and listen to what your feelings are telling you about your place in the world. Something needs to move to the other side and be given the opportunity to express. See that solutions will come and that now you finally go for what has been a dream. Stay committed to your creative offerings and projects that speak of your expertise. Make wishes for where you want to be and how you want to make a difference in the world. Talk like you will get there this time. Believe and you will see.


Focus on seeing that you are in a new position, and you are going to start over and create a better foundation to hold the new big dreams you are growing. Something will get you seeing that your work is valuable, and energy will turn on in bringing solutions that help to support your creative gifts. Focus on your career and how you want to sustain yourself in ways that help you to bring more luxury and high-quality things into your life. It's time to invest in YOU and to know that you are worth it. Go step by step and rebuild with the best in mind. It is safe to splurge.


Focus on getting your work out there and doing things that make space for them to grow bigger than you dreamed. The energy wants you seeing that you ARE to take a leap of faith even though you are only hoping for the best. You are to launch things and put confidence towards sharing your gifts or offerings that showcase your authority. Spirit will bring you a surprise that delights, so be open to taking a risk of the heart and to see that you can follow what YOU believe to be true. Focus on seeing that YOU are important and YOU deserve to be recognized for it. Show us what you got!


Focus on valuing yourself in a new way where you invest in what TRULY feels like it will support you. Focus on discovering your power and depth in a new way. Focus on clearing the debt and navigating through some process that deals with surprises that feel like magic. Believe in something greater than you have seen before. Focus on being a miracle magnet. Go BEYOND your dreams. Don’t go backwards into settling with things. 100% is yes. 99% is no. Focus on getting to the root of problems and receiving answers on what WAS in limbo. Expect doors to start flying open.

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