Galactic Vision MEMBERSHIP

Galactic Vision MEMBERSHIP

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Monthly Membership includes twice a month PDF which INCLUDES:

+ Weekly extended COLLECTIVE readings. (I go deep into the energy of the week on the Full Moon and 3rd Quarter Moon to let us know what tests await and how to ride it all high vibe style)

+ Weekly PER SIGN readings. (I go into each sign to let you know what is going on and where to you apply your focus. I support and love on you through these wild times)

+ Mercury Retrograde PER SIGN readings. (Lets find out how Mercury is to shift us and get us showing a better side)

+ DAILY tweets from 17 to 30 January (A short and to the point energy readings of the day that are posted on twitter @newearth_wisdom)

+ Galactic Vision TEACHINGS: The 4 Directions (Learn how to always ground yourself in awareness of where you are putting your energy, and understand what Galactic Vision means)

+ TALKS: The test is in how you respond. We are in a gateway of correcting the ways our wounds makes us want to lash out and hurt others, which only attracts more pain to personally have to experience. This talk is to get you thinking and waking up out of the spell that keeps you manifesting more and more pain. It's EASY to reposition yourself and I'll tell you how.

+ TALKS: My transformation. The change from the Moon Vibe Guide after 5.5 years to Galactic Vision Teachings. You have to walk it to guide it and guide it to teach it. With the current Earth changes and 2nd coming of Christ Consciousness it's now time for me to step forward and teach you how to fish.

+ MOON Mapping Wheel for January. We will be talking moon maps and using them with our birth chart data. I'll be teaching you how to understand what is going on in your own life so that you dont need guides to support you and instead can look it up yourself. I'll start sharing more of the wisdom I've learned from discovering all these tools that help us see how things ARE connected and ARE right on time and ARE something we can see in our own futures -- through Moon Mapping.

+ Extra astrology and vibration DATA you'll get the degrees and numerology and planet suggestions for each day so you know what is influencing us all for the next 2 weeks.

+ Online space on mighty networks which you can access from an app and experience this material with the group and me showing up talking you through it all, then join MEMBERSHIP for $13 a month. LAUNCHES on the NEW MOON in Aquarius!

+ Issue #147 (1 to 15 Feb) will include:

TALKS: What is the 2nd coming of Christ Consciousness.

TALKS: What are the Record Keepers.


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