This is important. Don't just put the Home Grids in whenever.


It is within 48 hours after the New Moon that we need to plant. The Earth does a very special thing where she inhales and receives what we put out there for 48 hours EACH MONTH. This energy is NOT the same as a Full Moon. It is special and its when we are to plant our seeds! Or, crystals, actually! 



GRID your HOME | Protect. GRID your HOME | Protect. GRID your HOME | Protect. GRID your HOME | Protect.

GRID your HOME | Protect.

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+ Support to keep your boundaries safe and violators thinking again before crossing into your space. Your house won't feel so appealing with this grid in place.

+ Support from EMF's and harmful vibrations. These crystals work together to transmute darkness into light. Therefore what is negative becomes harmonious.

+ Support that then will grow to the area around your home. It is GOOD to spread PROTECT to those around you and in your neighborhood! Create a bubble and turn your neighborhood safe.




Our crystals are different becuase we treat them different.


We treat them with grace



HG #1 Love + Kindness.

This combination goes into the earth and starts creating a space where those who enter will naturally lean towards being nicer peoples. If there is fighting with neighbors or people in your house, plant #1! 

get loving.
HG #2 Lucky Vibes.

This combination is ready to get to work in shifting the base energy of your home. It brings things into the positive and into opening the space for more opportunities to come. This one has brought AMAZING shifts to people's lives! I'm one of them! For me, it was about 24 hours later and things started to bring me rewards and answers to things that were blocked for YEARS! This is the family favorite!

get lucky.
HG #3 Sexual Re-balance.

This combination will work to bring sexual energies into harmony. This means it will affect those who have been violated, and it will create a space where those who may violate will now reconsider. With this crystl home grid you seal the space with honor around sexual vibrations. 

get balanced.
HG #4 Protect.

This combination protects you from negative energies and electomagnetic vibes. All that doesn't support love will be blocked from saturating in your spaces! Plant these crystals and draw a sharp line that makes others think again about boundary crossing! 

stay safe.



The Home Grids are to be put into soil so they can offer full time support to your foundation! Together and in dirt these friends go deep down several feet where they connect with each other and create a web of support that holds the vibration of the crystals you plant. This is a POWERFUL ACT! And not only is it self-care in changing the energy of your home grid -- but you also are doing a kind deed by returning the crystals to earth. This is like tithing and it 100% will make your life better. 




What if I can't plant them in time? 



Then plan for the next New Moon. They want to be planted on this moon ONLY.



Should I go to the outside of my home or property? 


I would start with home, and if you have a large yard, buy another box to grid the whole property.



Do I plant them once or can I do them each new moon? 


It's on you! Do you want to build your grid and make it even more powerful? Then make it a regular ceremony. It WILL change your life for the better. 



What if my home is not rectangle or doesn't have a place in the center to put the inside stones?


It doesn't matter. The stones know how to connect, and you just need to get them scattered about to the 4 directions and they will tie themselves together. My inside center point is only walkways and closets. So, I have a pot with soil from my yard in the closets where I plant my inside crystals.



Are there any stones we should NOT use in the home grids? 


I will be sure to only give you stones that work with ALL our Home Grid kits. But for your own wisdom, do not plant SUNSTONE into your Home Grids! It often takes the light of other stones and mutes their power. Kind of like someone who steals all the energy and leaves you feeling flat. So, we don't even consider bringing in this stone when we create our own Home Grids!