Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!
Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!
Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!

Prosperity Gate Reading | discover when your flow turns on!

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Aren't you ready to finally KNOW when you should lay low and delve into a new study, or when your gate is open, when it is time for you to manifest the life of your dreams?

➤➤➤ Well my loves, you are in for one of my most valuable offerings in regards to setting you straight as to why nothing is manifesting, or even why everything is happening like a dream.

➤➤➤ Now you can finally KNOW where you are in regards to when the gate opens and when your life is set to change into the dream!

I actually started this research over 20 years ago when NOTHING was happening with my career even though I had written my 700 plus pages of astrology that go into the Birth Chart Books. I knew I had this brilliant creation ready to reach the people, but I just didn't know how to move it forward.

So for about 20 years I just used astrology as a research tool as I delved further into the power and message of the planets.

And it was when I was wondering why some people were able to manifest their career dreams, with almost NO effort, while others were hitting their head against a wall and going nowhere, that I discovered a few similarities in all the charts of currently successful people.

What I discovered showed me that I would not have my PROSPERITY GATE open, which is the name I gave it, for 6 more years. What I saw was that I had already been sitting at a closed gate for 9 years, but still had 6 more years to wait before I would move into this PROSPEROUS space!

And yes, it lined up completely that from 1996 I had been in deep study and was creating things that NOW in year 2021 are supporting me. But during that period, nothing blossomed with my career so I worked in cafes and coffee shops until 2011 when my gate opened.

No matter how hard I tried to control the circumstances and get my dreams out into the world, NOTHING HAPPENED -- but, these other opportunities WERE happening, which is why I got to work at the best places with the best people, learning all the great social skills.

➤➤➤ And now in my life, my PROSPERITY GATE is wide open and delivering until 2025! And YES, I agree! I have been living the life of my dreams! I have so many ideas with my career and every one of them flows out of me and is being well received by the peoples.

➤➤➤ I get more opportunities than I can even handle.

➤➤➤ AND even though I went into so much debt while my gate was closed, I now only have school loan as debt as I have wiped all that old heavy weight out.

➤➤➤ And the most important thing is that ALL OF THIS has come with almost NO EFFORT at all! I don't TRY to make anything happen, it just does. I don't manipulate to get my business out there, it just spreads on its own. I NEVER think about getting ahead and ONLY am an overflowing cup trying to figure out how to handle all that I DO have going on.


➤➤➤ And what I realized through current study of the Prosperity Gate is that every person I know who is experiencing wild success, ALSO has their gate opened. And ALL people I do readings for who are trying everything to get their business out there, with no avail, and feeling very depressed and frustrated ALL are sitting at a gate that just has not opened yet! THEY are where I was 10 years ago when I couldn't figure out why my BRILLIANT idea was not being seen and honored.

And I can see when their gate is going to open for them.

So I can see when the gate is going to open for YOU!

And I can give you a map to follow that will let you know WHEN YOUR GATES ARE TO OPEN! I have another gate that will open when I am 70 years ago, after a 16 year new study space I will walk through. So I will discover even more genius things during the closed gate period that I will share later in life when it opens again.

And now I know this, so I am complete.

You too will feel a new energy wash over you when you FINALLY can see when your time is coming!


NOW I DO HAVE TO WARN YOU that you have to be ready for this information. If you have your Birth Chart Book, or you follow my horoscopes and readings, you know that I NAIL IT. I have this ability to interpret the symbols and to channel high guidance.

And we EACH have several gate openings, from 3 to 8, in our lifetime.

So when you get this reading you will find out that:
1. you just left an OPEN gate
2. you are IN an OPEN gate
3. you are close to moving into an OPEN gate, OR
4. you have years to go before you move into an open gate.


This is to empower you. If hearing you have 10 years to wait would be too much of a bummer then reconsider ordering this.

BUT at the same time, if you don't know, you will wonder why your effort to get your dream career out there is not going your way, or thriving, and you will beat yourself up thinking you are not good enough and destined to fail.

Its actually comforting to hear that there is a higher plan and you aren't actually making mistakes or just not good enough for your dream career. In not knowing about your timeline, there is also the risk that you WILL miss the energies of when the gate is open.

So I suggest you get this reading. But also I ask that you keep an open mind and remember to TRUST this lifetime of yours. You CHOSE this incarnation. You PICKED all the lessons you are here to learn. There ARE no mistakes. If Universe thinks you must wait until your 50s to come forward as a teacher or guide, then so be it. If Universe thinks you should come out into the world as a writer or artist when you are 28, then so be it. There are no rights and wrongs with this. At the end of the day, at the end of our journey, it is all perfect. Just wait and see.

➤➤➤➤➤➤ Are you ready to know when your Prosperity Gate is open or closed?


1. your birth date with month/day/year
* if you are out of the US please switch the Month and Date to how we write them or write the words out!
2. your time of birth with am or pm.
This needs to be exact. If it is not LET ME KNOW.
3. the city and state of where you were born


1. A 28 page emailed PDF of YOUR DATES and information to help you make the most of when your gate is closed and when it is open. This will totally set your yearning and questioning heart at ease. NOW you will know where you stand! Think of this wisdom as if it is midnight and you don't know when the Sun is going to come up. You may keep wondering if it 3am yet, or 4am yet, or 5am? You will wonder where you stand and how close you are to the light coming to the Earth. With this wisdom, you will KNOW how long you still have to wait.

2. You will get your Gate Opening Dates from birth til death, so you can also look back to see when they were open when you were younger. But often we were too young to manifest our dreams, so instead SOMETHING important happened around that time. That is for YOU to research and confirm.

3. JOIN US in the private discussion room after purchase! 

➤➤➤ And example of how my gates look: I only have 3 of them in my lifetime. Some people have 7!


September 1982 to December 1995 (In 1995 I stopped designing clothes and moved to San Francisco to get to know myself! This is when I fully started my astrology path, even though I had already been studying it since I was a child)

November 2011 to December 2025 (this is when AQUARIUS NATION caught fire! My current dream come true life! Gate is WIDE OPEN! Notice too that there were 15 years of down time before my gate opened again and if you have been following me, you have heard me OFTEN talk about how it took 14 years for my dreams to manifest. THIS IS WHY!)

September 2041 to December 2054 (this is when I will launch my next big things, after my gate being closed for 16 years where I will be in the creation mode or study mode....)

A bit of rough translation is that I intuited that I would die at 72 and I will be a few years into my last open gate. SO. How it may go is that my work grows bigger after I die, while I will be in an open gate. This is actually common.